Getting started: Gearing up for SASS development

So I want to build websites. But I want to build websites like they are built in the real world. 

And after thinking that I knew HTML and CSS and was ready to go, I immediately hit a roadblock when I was informed that CSS was no longer written the traditional way. There’s a thing called SASS which is CSS but with variables, functions, nesting and other goodies and that’s what professionals are using at agencies and such. SASS, and others like LESS and Stylus are CSS preprocessors. CSS preprocessors are so prevalent that if you want to be a “job-ready” front-end developer you should have basic familiarity with at least one preprocessor. Now for a thorough explanation and introduction to this new beast, here is Travis Neilson:

I am choosing to go with SASS, it seems to be the most popular one in 2016, but even if that’s not true it’s too late, I’ve decided on SASS and I’m not going to procrastinate any longer. In my next post I’ll be looking into setting up SASS.