Learning the Command Line part 2

To learn the command line I simply went to codecademy’s Learn the Command Line course and I went through it in half the advertised time. You wind up repeating a lot of commands but repetition is what Codecademy’s good at, and it works!

Additionally, Scott Tolinski has a nice introduction to the command line on LevelUp Tuts.

What I basically learned from this is the advantage of file manipulation from the command line. and from now on I’m going to use the command line to do as much as possible in order to get good practice. I made a quick video showing how much quicker it is to set up a basic file system using the cmd than traditional point-and-click.

if you’re on a windows machine you will need to download cygwin which will allow you to type linux commands. By default the Windows cmd will not allow you to use commands like ‘touch’ to create files etc and is apparently extremely limited in its capabilities. This is one of the main reasons programmers prefer to develop web apps on Mac or Linux. But the newer versions of windows 10 will provide users with a linux terminal and this is big news.