My Mentors for the Next Few Months

There are many, many, MANY sources to learn web development for free, but they are scattered across the web, which could confuse someone trying to put together a structured, well-organized learning path for web development.

However, we are fortunate enough to be able to narrow the field down to several high quality sources for most of our web development learning needs. There are four guys on Youtube in particular that will really help anyone trying to get a handle on web development, and even how to get a foot in the industry. They all produce high-quality content and all seem to know of each other and collaborate on some tutorials on occasion.

This guy is awesome and a lot of fun to follow. He is completely self-taught (don’t even believe he went to college) but is a pro who works at Google. He is great at breaking down the general concepts needed to grasp front-end development, and has a few epic tutorial series that will run you though the planning, design and development phases of website-building. Once I bang out my first few basic sites, I will dive into his in-depth series.

This guy is mostly a designer, and even if that scares you, his friendly, super-high quality videos can be a nice introduction into the design aspect of things. However he is also a self-taught developer who taught himself how to code with Ruby on Rails by building 12 apps in 12 weeks. I’m not going to get into rails but if you wanted a high-quality project-based approach to learning Rails he is your man.
e also has some good basic how-to-build-a-website tutorials and in fact I will lead off my learning path with his friendly videos.

Scott is another professional web developer and he will be a great resource later on for moving into more complex javascript frameworks like Angular, React, NodeJs and more. He has some awesome CSS videos that I will refer to on occasion.

Will also has some more advanced javascript framework tutorials, and also has a good javascript refresher that I recommend going through. In the more advanced stages of my learning path I will bounce between him and Scott Tolinski

I will be using some other sources as well but these are the main guys that will guide me along my journey.