Tooling Up: Gulp

In a previous post I mentioned Build Systems. Well now that I’ve played around with the command line I think I’m ready to dive right into exploring build tools and tackling my first project. I’ve decided to learn Gulp.

1. Watch Bucky Robert’s super quick Gulp tutorial.


2. Watch Scott Tolinski’s more in-depth Gulp tutorial.

I started with Bucky Robert’s playlist because there are some initial steps regarding node and npm which Scott Tolinski skips over. It’s also a good way to get a very concise bird’s eye-view of what Gulp does and how it works at a very basic level.

Scott Tolinski’s tutorial goes more in-depth however, and at the end of watching his series I will be able to watch files, compile sass, live-reload, autoprefix and minify javascript and more!

In my next post I will go through my own basic project setup using Gulp from the command line.